therapist crush on patient
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Signs therapist is attracted to client


You shade your darkest secrets to your therapist due to the reason of respect against the therapist. But do you listen and identifies the therapist look and action towards you? Therapists usually see their patient as an object with the disease but beyond that feel sometimes, they too feel attracted by their patients. You need to keep in mind, that therapists a people too, and sometimes they have own psychological problems. Maybe he abuses of watching videos from xxx tube, and he feels that it is not enough for him.

Here this article has discussed some sign of therapist falling in love with patient in a quiet way.

therapist is attracted to client

Some will talk but don’t touch

Quality and best therapist have the habit of dissecting their comment on face to face reaction but when you feel your therapist is not treated you on the way you have to be aware. The process of transference is a sign of therapist is attracted to client. When you channelled your affected physical parts to your therapist you should carefully listen to their way of treatment.

Listens to their words on the interaction

Every therapist has a professional boundary to treat each patient; they should not treat any patient in harmful physical contact. But sometimes they to behave as like a human towards their patient by the attraction by changing their way of interaction. If the therapist delivers any bad effect from their action and words is the sign of a therapist crush on patient.

Do you include an erotic feeling?

Some therapist will deal with their patient on the professional attractive way but there is a difference between professional way and active interest toward the client. Therapists have the power to have certain sexual appeal but you should know the inappropriateness on their treatment.

If you’re internal feelings rose against their treatment you have to fund the solution to solve the problem. On the other hand, your look makes them get attracted on you talked about your internal unconditional bad effects from them and get cleared.

If a client goes for treatment to their therapist and receives emotional treatments this is the qualities done by the therapist when the therapist in love with client.

Treating with unconditional acceptance

The basic architecture of the therapist is to treat their client with kind love, not with the love against their physical attraction. Look and listen to your therapist action whether it is a sign of romantic feel or treatment way than listen to their eyes. If your therapist action and eyesight spreads on you with a unique look, you have to intimate setting of client and therapist relationship.