don’t like being hugged
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Have you know why some people don’t like being hugged


Hugging is a social activity if you are not like to be hugged you have to face many issues and problems in the world. You might know if you are being in a respective chair in your career you have to approach your client professionally as shaking the hand, hug once in a professional way.

But the hugging way and feel will be different from one person to another person to know the limited options on hugging and to know the reason why you feel as you don’t like being touched read more this article.

don’t like being touched

Estimate do you have less comfortable on hugging

Most women have this complexity than men they feel less comfort and social anxiety to contact another gender by physical touch. If you are one of them know the reason why you are feeling like hate being hugged, and get the answer to your question and improve yourself to be social.

You might not generally be influenced by social anxiety to play physical interaction with other genders it is might be a reason for your action. There is a difference between social anxiety and touch avoidance from the behaviour of men and women.

Due to less self-confidence and bewildered

It is been found from the research people who are not like to hug have the effect of less confidence on them. Typically this lower level of self-confidence you may change your action and trying to avoid the physical contact with others by the way of behaving wilder.

Do you have a bad experience of being hugged?

Some people have this complexity due to their bad past experience on hugging it might be a victim of abuse during their past lives. Think of yourself do you experience bad touch and now don’t like to be touched that in your lives from an adult and now you have to avoid relationship only with the persons whom you have judged as they are irresponsible to care.

Do you have unusual fears on social touch?

If you are one of the people to have fear of yourself against others to have physical touch you might have a bad attitude on warmth or affection towards other people.

Sometimes this feeling of hate being touched might be a sign of some disease also as germophobes and haphephobic. To know about your complexity immediately consult with your physician and come over from that to take good interaction towards other to be socialization.