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How to Deal With a Grown Daughter That Lies


The grown-up individuals or adult child mostly has the patterns of lying, which are likely to be deceptive. Because they are in a situation to hide their own struggles and problems to the parent. To deal with an adult lying child there are many strategies, which may help them to come out with the truth in any situation of facing a problem.

adult lying child

List of struggles that make an adult lie

  • If an adult is a working person then there will be a lack of responsibility or irresponsibility in financial need. So they may lie to that factor of financial struggles.
  • They have the problem in holding a single job constantly because of the working environment or may have problems with their colleagues. This pushes them to put a lie on some other factor other than that what a woman faces.
  • Considering the college-going adult, they may give poor performance in their academic and they lie to the parent because of fear.
  • Lies are common in a destructive or critical relationship in which if the parent is strict enough with the daughter in all aspects, the child fears of speaking out the truth.
  • Emotional handling toward parents and they unfairly blames them for their struggles.

Strategies and solutions for handling a lying adult (daughter)

As like kids, an adult child also lies to the parent in some cases. After conveying the truth of the problem to the parent, it will create a bigger issue and so the adult child lies to you. Some of the strategies to make your child be truthful to the parent include,

  • First is to recognize your daughter’s behaviour as much and that reflects her temperament.
  • To establish a neutral or an objective emotional climate.
  • If your adult daughter lies to you do not take it personally.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent to prioritize the issues and problems of your daughter and support them in the entire struggling situation.
  • If you come to know that your daughters are under an issue, and then try to focus on the moment of that issue to make them feel free of the problem.

To deal with a grown daughter that lies is taking into a serious concern. There is a need for a solid understanding and effective response to the lying daughter. While in case of managing your understandable frustrations and also other negative emotions will make you go a long way in helping your adult daughter be more truthful.